Intelligent fact見我ory


Intelligent factories focus on intell術國igent production內文 systems and processes, as w高員ell as the realization of networked dis日亮tributed product說報ion facilities. In做化telligent production system and 身聽process, not only intell我行igent manufacturing and p師煙rocessing equipment, machine tools筆湖, robots, production lines an服關d other production facilities, b看話ut also on the 從什production proces中暗s of intelligent c樹土ontrol. From the per志書spective of information t們長echnology, is the intelligent MES manu綠月facturing execution system綠員. The realization of networke可有d distributed pro和房duction facilities refer熱空s to the production facilities (ma樹會nufacturing equipment業在, machine tools, robots來書, production lines, AG西錯V, measurement and testing and other 西水digital equipment), interconnection師女, intelligent management, infor開文mation technology Depth integrat我站ion of systems and physical sy請算stems, that is, CPS (暗跳Information Physics購村 Network System). CPS is the En人話glish abbreviation for Cyber Ph厭身ysical System. CPS is the physical devi科車ce connected to the Internet, so 些說that the physical d火少evice with computing, communicatio跳什n, precise control, remo湖歌te coordination and aut友員onomy and other five functions匠化.Virtual network real world and re章快alize the integr影女ation of the physical world, the advanc西放ed computing capacity of the e雪現ffective use of 件坐space In the real worl城著d, all the data related to design錢河, development and production can be co那話llected and analyzed in the manufactu服著ring process, and 司她the intelligent production sys資男tem can be formed.

According to the des路樹cription of Industrial Strategy 章店4.0, the ideal stat年麗e of intelligent f音訊actory is a highly aut這個omated, highly i學志nformative, highly networked product物報ion mode.In the factory, people, ma離但chines, materials 說森self-organization, efficient operati錯秒on; Through the業紅 end-to-end integration, 頻農horizontal integration, to achieve the 我白value chain sharing, collaboration, e我外fficiency, cost, quality樹冷, personalized have been a qualit拿愛ative leap.

CO-TRUST focus on int醫裡elligent factories為機 in the production syste筆器m and production facilities 海你of the automated contro綠知l and network mana吧器gement, the main solutions are:

PLC control system

Servo drive / motion co長從ntrol system

CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus and other bus吧話 systems

MICO remote monitori說什ng system

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