Fast-speed! Accurate! Stable!COTRUST物都 logistics industry automatic 拍事conveying sorting solutions

Fast-speed! Accurate! Stable!COTRUST 妹空logistics industry automa會那tic conveying sor器黃ting solutions


E-commerce and smart&nbs明錢p;logistics


From placing orders村車 to receiving goods, al朋分l kinds of goods can be delivered t事樹o any home in the country th北車rough an extensiv資也e logistics network in ju師綠st a few days.The 黃從rapid development of E-commerce a門我nd express logistics has 爸分put forward higher requirement請不s for warehousing, sorting, 道關delivery effi吧做ciency and accuracy, accelerated the行舞 development of smart logistics.員學

Automation is the fou懂湖ndation of logistics industr做人y chain among the three elem雨學ents of smart logistics


The overall market valu很業e of intelligent logistic山會s equipment is over 100 billion yuan.女做 Advanced logistics窗什 technologies a雜行nd equipment, such as automatic three-志業dimensional warehouse, trans笑他portation and sorting空還 system, logistics robot s見美ystem, self-propelled guided carrier爸山 (AGV) system an數高d automatic identification and p慢志erception system, are growing rapidly a亮空nd have become a ne為歌w driving force in the market.

Automatic conveying sorting syst我到em

Automatic conveying and sortin少著g equipment is one of th熱輛e core equipment of intelligent logisti妹有cs,E-commerce and 上場express delivery companies need h學這igh-performance conveying 空用and sorting equipment to hand離算le huge volumes of parcels.S議廠orting speed, efficiency a美時nd accuracy directly affect distributi門師on efficiency and customer satis秒離faction.


Automatic conveying and sorting equip能吃ment needs to g街購ive consideration to both rapid sor新錢ting and high accuracy. It can continu快可e to sort goods in large quantities a坐小nd basically realize un通服manned operation.Efficient sort說妹ing operations si文又gnificantly shorten the ordering and 地校delivery cycle. 坐河The sorting equipment han低生dles 16,000 items per hour with a ver土樂y low error rate. (Logistics了女 sorting center).


Logistics sorting cente議影r

Belt extendable conveyo電近r

The belt extendable conveyor is m小月ainly used for unloading and loading


Separation system

The package can be wh她風ole, separation, int多議elligent queuing.In this way, the 裡工batch of parcels wi火拿ll be arranged into single pieces舞爸.


DWS visual inspection sys歌會tem

Automatic weighing and volumetric m亮山easurement and code scanning equipment 紙還for parcels (dy務讀namic DWS system), whi風姐ch can automatically weigh a作友nd measure parcels, measure v內什olumes and scan bar codes during女家 delivery.


Balance wheel sorting system

Balance wheel sorting equipment&n請畫bsp;can realize three-way sort劇街ing, the sorting machine is co銀人ntrolled by two sets of 林紙servo motors independently, whic答對h makes the sorting在有 more efficient and reasonab黑能le.


Cross belt

Cross belt is composed of the main conv紅議eyor table and the inclin文務ed regulating whe我見el sorting table.Make a quick冷票 and accurate classification術業 of the goods to be sort冷下ed according to the山微 type, owner, storage space, or place o不人f dispatch.


COTRUST logistics industry aut相看omatic solutions

The most important們明 single part separation syste上河m, DWS visual inspection system and b拿問alance wheel sorting sys地說tem of the logisti得能cs sorting center你跳 are all driven by COTRUST&nbs吃化p;A3 series servo.

COTRUST A3 servo syste聽報m can be driven quickly, with mult做國i-stage position table, communic紅看ation point to 你到point absolute and relative 著在position control, conveying goods to煙來 the corresponding cr刀水ossing position accurately.

Single-piece separatio站銀n system is contr男跳olled by CTH300 seri書什es medium PLC and communicates w舊行ith servo via E下快therCAT,realize servo position河醫, speed control and other function美好s, servo driver feedback real-time&n動我bsp;a variety of monito去志ring parameters.

DWS system adopts 西計small Ethernet CTH200 series PLC. S就街ocket is used for communication between但街 PLC and DWS host computer system as 玩請well as industrial vision c土街amera.

Balance wheel sorting事知 system adopts CTH300-H series 文綠medium PLC for control. Only one PLC影影 is needed for the main control ca有農binet to realize mul弟黑tiple balance wh問空eel system control a也坐cross the whole line. With TP07i to媽是uch HMI, networked co黃廠ntrol of the whole system can be re電視alized. High co能笑st performance, 吧愛convenient connection, q謝是uick response, stable and rel時麗iable.

The control system PLC of logistics林們 industry is equipped with Ethe個新rnet MiCo remote fu信大nction to facili秒公tate customer after-sales飛黃 maintenance and remote monito林老ring.

Logistics industry au關個tomatic conveying sorting solu玩厭tions


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