Industrial Intern中民et Free MiCo for IoT

Industrial Internet Free MiCo for I會煙oT


The industrial Internet has won un紙化precedented opportuni西歌ties due to the p紙自olicy enhancement of &雪腦quot;new infrastru森新cture" of&n匠但bsp;industry. Industrial Internet wi懂開ll become an important ap鄉厭plication scene in 5G era In拍的 the future.


The first , China has strong 西空industrial manufact站東uring capacity, co紙說mplete industrial cat時事egories, comple腦冷te industrial chain, and a lar少相ge number of fact算樂ories, workshops and production line行哥s with the potential o舞討f networking.

The second, the IoT, mobile Interne亮秒t and big data are developing rapi大爸dly in China, smart factor個計ies and smart cities will focus on deve日跳lopment. 

Trend 1

5G accelerates the real-time conn森媽ectivity of industrial data放也

Trend 2

The Industrial Internet provi關美des support for industri理河al intelligence

5G and the new s飛但cene of Industrial Internet

5G has the potential to integ分相rate with the Industrial Internet 海了due to its advantages in h紙資igh bandwidth, low latency and sup唱日port for mass access.

According to a report released by 長女the Industrial In公問ternet industry alliance, 5G will 區厭cooperate closely with the 為哥Industrial Internet in the following ei去樹ght new areas.


In the“5G+ remote controlscenario, COTRUS裡黑T has taken the lead in r船吧unning.


COTRUST MiCo -- Remote solution for in長公dustrial Interconn志劇ection

MiCo, adopts dynamic data encrypt麗木ion mode, It is an ope快土n, stable and secure Internet醫人 of things platform. 討車;The industrial interconnection sol雪影ution provides hardware networking跳長 products and so數下ftware platform 劇門services, which ha議跳ve been connected to over ten th金中ousand platform devices an就請d applied in batches 懂對in many enterprises. It is a reliable i音女ndustrial interconnect車訊ion partner for custome業吧rs.



Equipment networking - PLC


CPU module equipped with Ethernet 場吧interface, which integrates powerfu報林l Ethernet comm秒拿unication function. The program can 國呢be downloaded to P外請LC through a common network cable,什多 eliminating the need 媽門for special programmin通飛g cable, not only c空購onvenient, but also effe這和ctively reduce the cost of 慢用users. Ethernet inter拿還face can also communicate with 小男other CPU module森黑s, touch screen, comput不線er, easy to networking.

CTH200 is an im們森portant star product of MiCo remote so算家lution, and its Ethernet f市腦unction is the development tren行見d of small PLC.



CTSC100/200 series PLC can be conv靜農eniently connected to MiCo cloud 上西platform by connecting t到購he gateway module CP6453.



CTH300-H series C信書PU is equipped with 也歌Ethernet port, which can be directly c司來onnected to MiCo platform.


Industrial Interconnec河低tion -- Software



COTRUST provides three client MiCo信東 software for Android, IOS and 到自PC

COTRUST industry applicatio慢銀n -- MiCo

● MiCo industrial Internet r土藍emote solution has been succe吧鐵ssfully applied to water 為都treatment, charging pi購兵le, HVAC, intelligent prod水理uction monitoring system and視裡 other industries 照志and customers, realizing remote mo高兵nitoring and mainten生湖ance of equipme還冷nt.

Intelligent production


Upload/download remote debugging and m商民onitoring, such as pack和可aging industry verti道呢cal cutting mac師子hine, laminating mac熱算hine, etc.;

Remote monitoring and contr河錯ol


One of the new infras吧呢tructure charging piles, smart時科 security and anti-trailing d人木oor, smart DC power s家醫creen, smart agricultural greenho民城uses, smart kitc學可hen;

Smart city


Such as waste recycling treat喝錢ment, heating equipment heat exchange 做廠station, sewage treatment家玩, industrial waste water treatment, 黃為industrial waste ga家如s purification,很身 municipal water supply, hotel water cy匠呢cle treatment and other industries.

Industrial Internet is an importa火道nt means of intelligent an但生d information-based m睡音anufacturing in China, which will acce女得lerate the transformation from &我知quot;Made in China" to &quo市匠t;Wisdom in china&黑物quot;.

Industrial Internet, the future can be!弟了

Device be networking. Just start to嗎鐘 using free MiCo.

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