Plastic limit envi喝影ronmental protection era, pape廠朋r straw are environmentally and 河兒popular

Plastic limit environmen鐵要tal protection era, paper stra分開w are environmentally and popu鐘房lar


From the perspective of environme遠如ntal protection an票對d resource utilization, there些紅 is great poten日哥tial for future demand for degrad術關able plastics as well as來暗 renewable materials.

In the "environm風風ental protectio算朋n campaign", every consume你花r and related industries微遠 are changing themselv低風es.

In particular, many people foun年家d that the disposable plastic st空討raws provided by milk tea shop請錢s, fast food restaurants and bakery caf那日es had disappeared on 志我the first day o制門f 2021.

It's time for從在 paper straws

Equipment: paper straw producti關師on equipment

Paper straw productive process

Now introduce the&村吃nbsp;paper straw production equipment&n遠錯bsp;of COTRUST control syste土火m 


High speed paper straw machine integrates pape睡場r feeding, winding an謝家d cutting. CNC mul我著ti-knife cutting system enables t錯化o cut finished paper tubes藍什 online.

 #Paper straw machine 女房roll cutting control process#

Paper straw machine cutting店離 is divided into analog st算場ate and automatic state員國.

 # Simulat錯媽ion state#  

Through the virtual axis to give 那新a speed, servo axis件線 to follow the virtual axis to do ch師做ase cutting, convenient c媽村ustomer debugging.

 #Automatic state#&nb明視sp;

The paper tape p農什ass the encoder, reads the encoder弟很 and gives the virtual axis speed a煙跳fter conversion. The virtual axis serv錯服es as the main axis, and the servo ax有空is follows the virtual農長 axis to make chase cu訊還tting.

Key points in control


Paper tape through th歌農e encoder, the obtained data need 行頻to eliminate the impact 那亮of pulse jitter, s請她peed calculation is dif會算ficult.


The control syst理票em should take in區看to account factors such 吃舊as idler ratio and synchronous ratio少現 that affect sheari街人ng.


Mathematical model: based on the width of 子白paper tape and the inner diameter of嗎區 cylinder, the exten公技sion speed of paper ta吃國pe winding can be calculated.

Roll cutting control flow chart of p她黃aper straw machin著男e


COTRUST solution co章懂nfiguration of paper straw r理坐oll cutting equipment生能

The paper straw術路 machine adopts CO習學TRUST CTH300 series H32 control CPU章花 and connects to 4 servos through Eth件些erCAT bus, which can complete paper 畫劇rolling, support chasing and cut友劇ting and fast cutting pa道草per tube respectively.


Advantages of COTRUST control sy他紅stem solution


High cost effective朋聽

The control system of writin也店g paper tube machine i件不s controlled by CTH300 s空美eries PLC H32, which is exquisi你劇te, practical and cost-e也兒ffective.


 Quick and Stable

H32 uses EtherCAT bus to control servo m身大otor cutting equipment秒機,cutting fast and&nb我請sp;high precise.


Advanced Algorithms

According to the process requi錢什rements, the control system 睡綠to achieve multi件說ple models and advanced alg雨火orithms, easy to use.


Powerful motion control fun來對ction

H32 supports electronic CAM, e放厭lectronic gear, chasing function, perfect to meet the needs of paper報慢 straw machine.


Automatic control

Automatic cutting, automatic straw falling, automatic speed control and aut他司omatic response when cutting.


Multiple knives cutting -save秒兵 time

Can be equipped with這些 multi-knives cutting equipment, one time roll out finished produ話醫cts, avoid secondary cutting, sav作空e manual time.



The control syst新算em can not only be applied to the ma白就nufacture of paper stra自暗w, but also to the 關兒ball pen core, small flag p什又ole, coffee blender, cotton yarn t水藍ube and other paper pipe factory.

 Application on production si離著te 

Plastic limit environme林資ntal protection era, pap子為er straw are environmenta數街lly and popular

Welcome to use COTRUST control solution~

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