COTRUST following 內能filling machine c玩店ontrol system

COTRUST following filling machine 呢不control system


The manufacture of clothing, food個分 and housing is often insepara不輛ble from intelligent production裡歌 equipment.

The "invisible champion"電腦 is the automatic cont們們rol system of mechanical equip吧機ment.

COTRUST Following filling machine 西如control system

High efficiency and pre習到cision filling!

(Application of COTRUST 嗎煙;following filling mach好自ine control system)

 What scenarios is the foll我分owing filling machine u讀公sed?

Filling machine used fo玩對r liquid filling equipment, belongs t通月o packaging machinery厭男 measuring filling ma美那chinery.


Applicable scenario

Liquid filling mainstream 電河trend

Following filling mac科問hine

Traditional fil影你ling machine

Negative pressur師新e filling machine

Equipment needs些通 to stop waiting雨村

low efficiency


Following fil會少ling machine

Conveyor belt withou門小t stop

high efficiency什站


Following filling machine c上煙ontrol system can achieve high f校務illing precision, with HMI can s票黃et the filling parameters directly. 相個Easy to setting, easy 船民to operate,one key adj舞算ustment machine.

Multi-station -- take double station&n去志bsp;for example

Following filling machine cont林刀rol process 


The empty bottles are制暗 transferred to t匠就he conveyor bel冷低t of the filling machine according t小的o the material conveying line, and th問那e position of each bottle is 視綠obtained according to the light 線不eye of the bottle measurement.間請 Each can automatically follows靜這, and the liquid is 多紅filled intelligly, without leaka飛那ge or refilling.


COTRUST Following fillin雪哥g machine syste外低m

Technological characteristics



COTRUST control system-Foll好嗎owing· fillin在請g machine 

The control sys些黑tem of the following fill匠師ing machine adopts COTRUST CT拍子H300-C series PLC, which is c高海onnected with 10 s新少ets high performance A4N老姐 servos through EtherCA分也T bus for driving, re對城alizing multi-station 信些precision filling. Production p影們rocess configuration of TP10i Ethernet 分亮HMI can set the filling amount家劇 directly, provide multi-section p大城osition multi-function operation, 習還easy to use, one-key 討呢adjustment machine.



HMI control system


The system selects 煙美a set of TP10I Ethernet t雨年ouch HMI configuration communicati黑事on, better to provide multi-positi用腦on operation, conve道樹nient for the operator to d藍吧ebug, save debuggin綠明g time,and provide more func看機tional operation.

The reason for choose COTRUST&n商子bsp;control system


Variety of applicable mo得得dels

Suitable for single position/double pos吧林ition /4 positions of different 雨劇filling machine; Suitable for bottles 外筆of different specifications.

Applicable to various irri看樹gation types (mode option海黃al)

A High position filling: the fil喝服ling head shall directly fill 慢讀at the corresponding high positi麗的on until the filling is 化飛completed. (Suitable fo花老r non-foaming items)

B Filling and lifting: the fi什們lling head go do土雨wn to the lowest position and fill fo亮腦r a period of time. The support到文 shaft moves to the position accordin我筆g to the slow lifting對兵 speed until the filling is comp業月leted.

Synchronous position, pre業對cise infusion, per現紙fect assembly line w農就ork

Through PLC module to collect the re水還levant data, ele務街ctronic CAM to achie可多ve the same speed, m音地ulti-speed control liquid filling, to 農金ensure the synchronization and科票 precision of filling.

HMI simplicity of operat中女or

The corresponding buttons of differe唱什nt stations on the t音地ouch screen can set different parame水資ters and reset 放山the alarm operation.

Whole set of system au村鐘tonomy and stable c喝章ontrol

The whole set of control system PLC,冷綠 servo and HMI are 身拿independently developed by CO錢哥TRUST, with high stability為紙.

Widely used, fast 得又debugging

COTRUST following&nbs員黑p;filling system has been successfully 答雨applied to a large number of custome醫長r sites, eq業會uipped with professional 服開filling technical support team, select 業事COTRUST can reali森些ze fast machine adjustment, fast li劇討ne change production, hig嗎路her efficiency!


following filling machine power cabinet年快


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