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COTRUST CTH200 series 那用PLC products is a st書廠able,dependable 師務performance Ethernet PLC products bas匠哥ed on the demand of industry 4.懂得0.Two programmin房唱g platform ca為行n be switching each other,easy to us到我e.

■MagicWorks PLC V2.08 abov土線e version

■MicroWin programming


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1, Ethernet communication:suppo公和rt remote progr河城amming,debugging, r還司emote monitoring and data e習物xchange between行兵 CPU

CPU standard con錢藍figure Ethernet interface, integrate城道s powerful Ethernet communicati對弟on function.Through a common Ethernet 生問cable can download the progr就什am to PLC, saved the sp章能ecial programming cabl師門e, not only conven一草ient but also ef門一fectively reduce the cost. Throug爸微h the Ethernet interf事朋ace also can communicate wit城知h other CPU module, touch panel, compu音人ter, easy to networking.

2, New extension board: extension board 煙風directly to use without setti村鄉ng

CTH200 support one的訊 extension board,extension up道藍 to seven module in窗體 bus.

New hardware design can be extensi去海on communication port, analog channel,都快 on the premise of no additiona自分l takes up elec火水tric control cabinet spa唱照ce, extension board can mor外科e meet requirement of users. Not only p數山romote the utiliza算拍tion of the product, but also 友又reduce the cost of the extension你都 .

3, High cost effective

■Analog I/O up to 194A樹暗I/194AQ;  行這■Digital I/O up to 640DI/640一路DQ; ■Basic instru相爸ction execution time can be up to 0腦現.15µs

4,Stable and reliable

■Anti ESD, Anti EFT,strict in吃不dustrial environmenta就有l adaptability test,pa他河ss CE certification;

■permanent preservation for user progr路草amming and user data;

■Mould-proof, damp-proof and sal裡遠t-mist-proof paint;

■Multiple passwo南又rd protection, core program 票校one-way download function, permanent志友 confidential;

■Output Short-circuit Protection,o劇得ver current protecti月門on;

■Lightning prote哥長ction of communication interface得湖,high reliability.

5, Remote monitorin信做g and maintenance

The device can be easily con他舞nected to the MICO netwo快器rk through PLC CTH200, gateway module習作 or TP-I series intelligent關森 HMI.

MICO provides Android and IOS, PC clien短民t, provides an op科海en interface and connect t頻店o the third-party software lik個資e ERP. So that each device in the Int新關ernet can connection務森 anywhere,achie讀得ve remote monitoring and mai厭輛ntenance .

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