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Precision drive - high暗問-performance ser如計vo drive system

COTRUST high-performance servo事書 drive system includes A4 series AC se少舊rvo and matching moto唱學r. Cooperation with COTRU有報TS multi-axis motion control PLC數北 ,using COTRUST mot錢電ion control library, can gr飛得eatly improve the 開筆ease of use and operation stability 河男of the co-service 關議system, suitable for 長村some complex control systems need posi制鐘tioning, synchron術大ization, interpolation functions.

A4S series AC servo can suppo土船rt CANopen protocol, and can be 技友connected with COT妹術RUST CTH300, CTH200, CTMC, CTSC-200房謝 and other hosts to form a CANopen bu弟黑s-based control servo syste黑生m. The configura金要tion is simple an信制d convenient, the syste志照m control anti-noise ability is st體唱rong, with outsta遠不nding real-time and flexibility.

A4N series AC se空校rvo can form a comprehensive mot跳購ion control platform CoMotion不飛 with COTRUST CTH3-C series motion con他照troller and Copanel紙相 series HMI. With 100Mbps hi討很gh-speed motion bus Et為看herCAT, rich motion control inst又道ructions, electronic ge舊紙ar/electronic CAM synchr物山onization functions can be realiz黑下ed. At the same ti房音me with CNC machine to房在ol control function, 這謝support five axis lin習黑kage.

Cooperation with our high-perfo自麗rmance PLC products or motion cont金事rollers based on EtherCAT, CANopen黃議 and other bus can be wi民她dely used in textile machine街很ry, food processing 黑區machinery, packaging離短 machinery, glas習雜s and woodworking ma內金chinery, electr相頻onic equipment, printing 低訊machinery, injec公鐘tion molding machines and any other能好 industries.


A4S standard servo driver

Power range: 10農科0W-7.5KW

Speed ring bandwidth 區綠1.2KHz

Support high speed pulse i都做nput control mode,女放 differential mode 500KHz, collect南嗎or mode 200KHz

Support MODBUS RTU and CANopen c關拿ommunication protocols

Optional support 2500 line incremental就也 encoder and 17Bit bus abso地會lute encoder

Support vibration sup家都pression, rigid class selectio說制n, inertia recognition


A4N standard servo d相習river

Power range: 100W-7.5KW

Speed ring bandwidth 1.2KHz

Support MODBUSRTU and EtherCA低坐T communication protocols;

Support two channel probe assist funct舞說ion, latched position

Optional support 2500 line in見學cremental encod說民er and 17Bit bus absolute encoder;

Support vibration suppression, rigid歌媽 class selection, inertia recognitio區笑n.

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